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8 DIY Decorations for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

DIY Decorations for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Here's eight great ideas for decorating for an ugly Christmas sweater party. Think tacky. Think easy. Think DIY!  We've put together 8 easy ideas for you to do yourself that will make your party pop with festive flair. It's 'anything goes' for these parties, so let your creativity go wild and don't worry about imperfections. Have fun - your guest will LOVE these decorations!!!! 

8 fantastic and fun DIY ugly Christmas sweater party decorations. Get all the info at


1. DIY Twisty Felt Ornament Decorations

Amazing and easy DIY green felt ornaments. Visit for info and party sweaters.

Betz White is a genius for coming up with these easy instructions for making something so beautiful! Make load of these in varying lengths and hang from the rafters (or doorways, tables, or anywhere!)

2. Amazing DIY Christmas Balls Wreath
Super easy DIY ornament wreath.  Visit for info and party sweaters.

Thanks to Lindsey at for this amazing DIY glam wreath with ornaments idea! All you need is a foil pizza plate, glue gun and sticks and loads of ornaments. Lindsey's example uses gold with white ornament accents. But this wreath can be made with a variety of color combinations!  Get tacky with all red and green ornaments and make one for each window for your ugly Christmas sweater party decorations. Or, if your having a formal party, what about white ornaments with black accents, or maybe pink with turquoise! 

3. Gift Box Decorations Using Tissue Boxes

Beautiful DIY tissue box christmas decorations.  Visit for info and party sweaters.      
Thanks to  rainybutterfly05 for this beautiful (easy!) idea.  Wrap gift boxes with garland, fringe and even peppermints. Add a bow and set on cake plates. HINT: Decorations always look best in odd numbers, so having 3 together is perfect!   

4. Funny Christmas Toilet Paper

Funny Christmas toilet paper.  Visit for info and party sweaters.

Don't forget to decorate your bathroom for your ugly Christmas sweater party. This Seasons Greetings toilet paper is just the thing to keep it festive in the john.  The sky's the limit with what you can do to decorate the bathroom. Hang ornaments from your shower curtain rings. Wrap your toilet seat in Christmas paper. Surround your sink mirror with gold garland. Get the idea? Have fun!

 5. Grinch in the Tree Party Decoration

Ugly Christmas sweater party grinch decoration. Seriously fun.  Visit for info and party sweaters.

This Grinch in the Christmas tree decoration by cozypep on is so awesome that your guest won't ever forget it! Super fun. Super festive. And it's something to do with those lime green tights.

6. Bathroom Door Cover with Santa Sitting on the Toilet

Funny party bathroom door cover.  Visit for info and party sweaters.

Ok, so this isn't DIY, but it's hysterical! This is a 5' tall door cover with Santa sitting on the toilet reading is naughty or nice list. Put this gem on your bathroom door to show your guests where the facilities are located. This is great. And it's super cheap. 


7. Colorful Hanging Ornaments from a Chandelier

Beautiful DIY Christmas party ornament decorations.  Visit for info and party sweaters.

This a great decorating idea from Parc Interiors!  Get some shiny ornaments from your local big box store and hang from a light fixture or window. The ornaments will reflect the light and add some beautiful bling to your room.


8. Autographed Selfie Portrait for the Table
Great idea! Funny white elephant gift selfie party decoration.  Visit for info and party sweaters.

What's tackier than an autographed self portrait (of yourself!) displayed prominently on your gift or food table? Get (or make) a festive frame and take a photo of yourself.  Sign it in bold black marker, and proudly display.  HINT:  This also makes a great prize for MOST UGLY SWEATER.  Thanks to Kirsten at 366 Days of Pinterest for the great idea! 


Have a great time decorating for your ugly Christmas sweater party. We would love to see your ideas and share them with our readers. Share your photos through our links below. Enjoy your party!