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Christmas Sweaters and Dierks Bentley - Drunk on a Plane in Seat 7A

Dierks Bentley's hit song Drunk on a Plane inspired us to wear our ugly Christmas sweaters

traveling on Southwest Airlines. And sit in seat 7A. And have a drink. Or two. It may be August and about a million degrees in Florida, but any time is a perfect time to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, especially when the air conditioning is cranking.  So here's to you Dierks Bentley! We're having a great time on our trip and entertaining our fellow passengers with our photo session in seat 7A. 

 My Ugly Christmas Sweater pays tribute to Dierks Bentley Drunk on a Plane, wearing our Christmas sweaters in seat 7a.

Do you have a picture in #seat7a in YOUR ugly Christmas sweater? Tweet it to us at @myuglychristmas and tag it #drunkonaplane. Awesome. 

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