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Cute Christmas Sweaters

Cute Christmas Sweaters

We have thousands of cute Christmas sweaters in stock, and most are under $35!

When it comes to holiday sweaters, there's three main categories to consider: cute, fancy, and DIY.   Fancy Christmas sweaters are the kind your grandma might have worn to work at a bank in the 80s. Or maybe worn to a company Christmas party at the function hall down the street. They're festive, but don't rank too high on the cute-meter. Fancy holiday sweaters have gold embroidery, maybe a reindeer (but probably more likely some poinsettias), and probably a fluffy faux-fur collar.  They used to be sold as high-end sweaters back in the day. And although they are pretty retro, they're festive, but not really cute.

Old school fancy #christmassweaters from Most under $35. Fun, festive, and perfect for and Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

 DIY Christmas sweaters are awesome, and perfect for an ugly Christmas sweater party contest. But they're really not considered cute. Most people wouldn't wear a home crafted sweater for every day wear. DIY decorated sweaters are usually over-the-top funny and eye catching, and overall pretty ridiculous.  We specialize in these monstrosities here at My Ugly Christmas Sweater (and we LOVE them!) but they're more funny than cute.

 Crafty DIY Ugly Christmas sweaters from . If you are entering an ugly Christmas sweater party contest, then you definitely want one of these gems.

Cute Christmas sweaters have stole the hearts of young America. Again. Yes, they were popular in the 80s, but they are super popular now.  Wearing one is like carrying around your favorite teddy bear for the day, all warm and cozy in your arms. Cute Christmas sweaters are knit with darling bears, penguins, snowmen and cats.  There's an infinite array of darling decorations on these cozy knits, and they are being snapped up in thrift stores (when you can find them) on on vintage sweater websites like  
Cute Christmas sweaters from Cute retro 80s sweaters with reindeer, pandas, dogs and cats. Cute and cozy to wear all winter long. #christmassweaters

It's hard to pick a favorite. And the good thing is you don't have to. With prices usually below $35, you can can get a closet full and celebrate Christmas all winter long. Some favorite themes are skiing snowmen, dancing reindeer, and little teddy bears by the tree. Cats have always been the most popular animal on a sweater, and you can find sweaters with cats sledding, skating, hiding in stockings and playing in the snow. 

If you're looking for a fun gift idea, take a look at our retro 80s sweaters. Think cute and you will make someone very happy on Christmas morning. Happy shopping!  

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