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This Christmas Sweater Is Not Just For The Minor League

Get a free ugly Christmas sweater jersey and celebrate Christmas in July with the Lowell Spinners!

I stumbled upon this great post from FOX Sports about a minor league, taking their jerseys to the big league. The blog entry is titled “’Ugly Christmas Sweater’” season extends to July with these minor league jerseys.”

The Lowell Spinners, a Massachusetts minor baseball team, and affiliate team to the Boston Red Sox, has created ugly Christmas sweater jerseys that are being given to the first 1,000 fans that come to the July 24th game. They tweeted to their fans saying '"First run at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Jersey for #Spinners, July 24 game. First 1,000 fans would receive. Thoughts?" The tweet is pictured below:


Christmas Sweater Jerseyphoto: @lowellspinners


What a way to celebrate Christmas in July! Unfortunately it’s too hot in July for the team to wear full fledged ugly Christmas sweaters. But these make a great substitution for the game! The tweet, sent on March 14, has gotten a little action on Twitter. Their fans are saying that it’s Cosby-esque and that they love them and need them.

The fan reactions are positive! And we’re convinced that it’s going to be a home run. We love them enough that we might have to stop by the game! Penciling the game into our calendar for Christmas in July.

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