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Look Cute in a DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress

You can look festive and super cute in a DIY ugly Christmas sweater dress.

Today I'm fighting the myth that ugly Christmas sweaters can't be cure. Let’s face it; Christmas sweaters aren’t going to win best dressed at the Oscar Awards. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them cute. When Anne Marie Blackman founded My Ugly Christmas Sweater Inc., she brainstormed how to make these tacky clothes fashionable while still fitting into the holiday trend. Her solution was to embellish sweater dresses.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the holiday sweater dress. It’s festive, easy to put together, and most importantly, figure flattering. The holiday season is a time where parties are a nightly ritual. A sweater dress is a way for women to wear a themed outfit, but still look chic without endlessly trying on outfits. During a time where your coworkers see you in something besides your pantsuit, it’s importantly to look good.

I’ve rounded up three of our favorite dresses that we love:

I don’t typically wear a lot of red, but the holidays are a perfect time to break it out of the closet. The bold dress trend is something I’ve embraced and this dress is perfect for just that. The red is figure flattering; catching the eye of that cute co-worker you’ve been stealing looks at over your cubical wall.

Crafty Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress


When we started making Christmas sweaters, a lot of them were personalized, which added a lot of ugliness to the look. Since then, we’ve added a lot of extra looks, expanding upon our original tacky fashion. My Ugly Christmas Sweater has accumulated a pretty sizable stock of go-to sweaters that look crafty. This one is a favorite of mine.


Christmas Ornament Sweater Dress


I swap out outfits upwards of three times a night, deciding with look is perfect for that occasion. This is one dress that I haven’t switched out of. More often than not, I don’t feel a sweater dress is flattering for me. My new solution is this funny Christmas sweater dress. This dress is perfect for a girl’s night out. The hotties are not only funny but also a great conversation starter for party small talk.

Hottie Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress


With Christmas in July just around the corner, these dresses are some that I’d love to have for a back yard barbecue party or a bonfire on a beach. They’re perfect for these occasions creating that ugly cute that’s difficult to master.

For more ideas for ugly holiday sweaters and where to buy them, visit our ugly Christmas sweater store!

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