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Prizes for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

The ugly Christmas sweater party theme has gone viral, and if you're having a holiday party at your home or work this season, there's a good chance you'll be incorporating the tacky Christmas sweater theme. You'll want your guests come wearing their funny Christmas sweaters, and to motivate them to rally and get creative, you'll want some prizes for the best of the worst.  

Tacky prizes are sure fun, like a fruit cake or cheese wheel.   But in addition to these you should consider giving out a trophy and award ribbons
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You should definitely give out some copies of the hilariously funny Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater book as a prize for most creative, or best couple, or best homemade.  That book is full of funny photos of people and pets wearing their festive finest, and is a perfect prize for your party.

The cutest awards of 2013 are ugly Christmas sweater ornaments. These mini tacky knits are super sweet and perfectly suited for an award for best ugly Christmas sweater.  You can add an ornament to a larger prize, like a bottle of wine. Put the wine in a gift bag and hang the ornament onto the bag to add some sweater fun. There are loads of styles of ornaments to choose!